Set up Permissions

Is it possible to define permissions on a User so he cannot see all the fields available in the customer card for example ? I want for some users to see only some fields of a card. In the customer card i don’t want to see the balance for example. Is it possible through permission’s set up or i have to define a separate form for each user ? Thanks in advance

Hello Philip, Standard Navision permissions only work on a tabledata/object level - not at field level. There are two ways you can do this - Both involve development. Create a new version of the Customer Card with the fields removed. Get this to run as standard and have a hidden second card for supervisors. Alternatively add code to the form on the OnAfterGetRecord trigger: e.g. IF SecurityCondition THEN BEGIN CurrForm.“Balance”.VISIBLE := TRUE; END ELSE BEGIN CurrForm.“Balance”.VISIBLE := FALSE; END;

Create a New Role in Security. Then check that Role on the customer card.