Permission down to field level

Hi all, Anyone can give me the idea, how the navision permission can be assigned down to field level? e.g. I don’t want some end-user to see customer balance, credit limit etc. Thanks, Simon

Hi Simon If I understand you correctly you will need to redesign the customer card to have the fields on you require, and then design a menu to call this card for set users, and then give the permissions to the appropriate users. In 4.0 you can assign menus to set users so this is easier (unsure of your version).

Hi! “Lanham Associates” provides an AddOn that might fit your purpose! Check this out: Regards,

You really need to know what you’re doing with the Lanham security add-on, especially if you are just trying security, or if you have more than one company. You can get into deep license issue doodoo if you check a box too many during setup. My advice is to have a consultant/developer with experience with this particular add-on guide you through the process.

A simple way is to add a field or table to the security (Users) for “View Special Fields”. In the form you can add coding Onform.Open to hide the field if the user does not have permission. You can hide buttons, caption label’s, fields etc. By the way, you can also can color’s, bold, editable etc. using standard Navision C/side coding on the form. ____________________________________ Geovanny

Any body know how actualy manage their security? Regards Omair