Uploadintostream silent on BC Cloud

Does anyone have an example of how to use uploadintostream silent (without the dialog) in a BC cloud solution ?

The examples I have found all relate to a local installation where automations and/or dotnet variables are being used,

which is not possible in the cloud solution.

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In which content do you need this? Are you trying to upload files?

I have no examples you can see, neither have I tried it my self, but I remember to have seen some demo using either Azure functions with FTP or other dot.net features to handle it. And we are having a session by [mention:5c9cb1234ea24fe88a9f3664f096d8bc:e9ed411860ed4f2ba0265705b8793d05] at our conference Days of Knowledge in Odense, especially about handling files in and out of BC. So hope to see you there, that’s one of the sessions I look most forward to.


We have developed an App for BC 365 where we can import data from Excel.

In our al-code we have the following on the AssistEdit on the RequestPage.

UpLoadOK := UploadIntoStream(Text006, ‘’, ‘Excel Files|*.xlsx’, Filename, ExcelInStream);

It works fine, opens a dialog for the user to select a specific file in a specific folder.
We can read data and everything is fine.

However, we have customers telling us, that they always use the same folder and filename for this specific import.
They do the import, replace the Excel-file with a new, import etc.
They find it unnecessary to have to make a lookup for the file everytime, as the folder and filename already appears in the RequestPage (saved from last run).
So we want to be able to have the file loaded without the AssistEdit.
Currently, when we just activate the import without the file-selection we get the error:

Microsoft.Dynamics.Nav.Runtime.NavInStream variable not initialized.

Will of course be in Odense. Looking forward to see you there.