Silent import of file into a Business Central SaaS table

I have a working XmlPort that imports a CSV file into a custom table. At the moment it’s called manually via a Page Action. A dialog appears and the user selects the file to be imported and clicks OK. Now, we want to remove the human intervention, drop the CSV file into a folder and call the XmlPort from a Job Queue. Presumably, the aforementioned folder will need to be cloud storage (Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive etc…) as SaaS doesn’t have access to a local filesystem? How can this be done using AL?

Hi @NickOak365,

There are many approaches to do this…

Thanks for your response. I’ve started investigating and it looks like all of the suggestions above involve spending money: Azure Storage Account, OneDrive Premium etc… in order to get started. I need to prove concept and demonstrate internally before any money gets spent. Is there a method that can be done using a free 30-day evaluation?

If you can mount an FTP on a server, you can try this: Dynavision Connect

I don’t know how it works and how much it will cost after free trial period.