update ILE when PO is posted with a new filed in Tracking lines

Hi; I am trying to post a new field created in Item tracking lines (Form 6510) to Item Ledger entry. This is a PO and I need the new field should post to ILE when PO is received/posted. I am using navision ver 4 sp3. Your help will be a great help for me. Thanks.


You need to write a code in Codeunit 90 and codeunit 22 for posting the field in Item Ledger Entry.

First Add your Customized field in Table 83 and Table 32

In Codeunit 90 You have add line of code in Function PostItemJnlLine & TransferReservToItemJnlLine Function

In Codeunit 22 You have to add line of code in Function InitItemLedgEntry and SetupSplitJnlLine Function

Hope this will help you.

Thanks again Amol. Let me try. I appriciate your help.