how to add a field in item journal line


I want to add a field in item journal line table and add a column in output journal so that the value entered in that field should be updated in item ledger entries after posting.

Plz help me in doing this

You need to do the following:

  1. Add a new field in Item Journal Line & Item Ledger Entry

  2. In Codeunit 22, write code in the function “InsertItemLedgEntry” for transfering data from Item Journal Line to ILE.


My advice to you is not to do this.

You have posted numerous questions in the past two weeks highlighting your lack of understanding of the processing of NAV and development. You are not attempting a simple modification, you are adding an additional variable UOM and are trying to cascade this in every place where you see a quantity in NAV - think about what you are doing, this is massive, you are currently ill eqipped to do this. You may eventually get some part of this working, but I guarantee you that it will not all work, you are pulling a very long piece of string very slowly, I fear for the client you are doing this for!