Add a new field to Item Tracking in Purchase Order Lines.

Hi All…

I want to add a new field to Item Tracking Lines in Purchase Order Lines. Then it should post when the Purchase Order is posted as all other fields(like :- Serial No., Lot No.).

I tried to add a field to “Tracking Specification” (336) table, “Item Ledger Entries” (32) table and to “Item Journal Line” (83) table.

Modified Code Unit “Item Jnl.-Post Line” (22) and “Purch.-Post” (90)

I added a value to the new field from “Purchase Order” → Lines → “Item Tracking Entries”, close the “Item Tracking Entries” and if I check it again the entered value is deleted so the field is empty. there is no value to post.

What I am doing wrong?

What I am missing?

Please help.


Customizing Item Tracking is very much difficult and You need to debug the code at every stage after adding new field

Kindly look at the following link

Thanks Amol,

This was very help full document.

But when the purchase order is posted it should go to “Item Ledger Entry” and “Item Journal Lines” tables.

I have modified Code Unit “Item Jnl.-Post Line” (22) and “Purch.-Post” (90). But this does not working.

You need to debug the code and check at what point value become zero …

Dear Amol,

You asking me to debug the process of Posting the Purchase Order?

That will take a lot of time… may be more than one day I think.

You do not have any option rather than debugging the program which will give you the correct answer why it is not taking it forward to Ledgers

As well as follow the document it will help you to take it forwards

Thanks Amol,

These two files did it all I want

If above links not working…