Update field in a table

Hi to all, I’m starting to customize my nav 4 installed on 2003 Server with SQL. I need to create a c/al codeunit to read a field value (a date) from a temp table and update this value on a field in Saled Header table where order number in sales is equal to order number in temp. Can you suggest a code to start with this…? Thanks in advance.

I don’t know you have read it, but in client CD there is an excellent document explain Navivion development called Application Designer’s Guide – (w1w1adg.pdf)

You will work with temporary tables has the same process as you wok with normal tables. When you create a variable you go to properties and define it has temporary. Now you have a var that is a temporary table.

If you press F5 you will all properties of that var and field names

Can I use record.get and record.modify to update a value in a field?

I think you can use like this bt not sure

Record.FieldName := YourValue;