Can't modify the records

I have a problem : When I filter the field (in codeunit), then I can’t modify this field in the table How can I solve this problem and change the records, which I filter? Or it is impossible Thank you

Hi Polina Perhaps do you want to modify a primary key field? Try it with a second record variable. Here you will find an example: bye Andre

I think what she’s is asking it’s something similar to this: Let’s say your record it’s recordA, just make a new variable type record (lets say recordB) and do as follows: RecordA.setrange(field01,filtervalue); if (recordA.find(’-’)) then repeat recordb.reset; recordb := recordA; recordb.field01 := value2; recordb.modify; until ( = 0);

or this : filter := 'Amsterdam'; newvalue := 'Den Haag'; foo.SETRANGE(bar, filter); WHILE foo.FIND('-') DO BEGIN := newvalue; foo.MODIFY; END;