Unit cost of the Finished Goods


Can someone help me on this please. I manage to create the BOM of a certain FG, all of the components have unit cost in it. I also manage to create routing for this FG and put all the values of the set-up, run move and wait hours but i did not put any cost. when i run the calculate low level code, i expect that the unit cost of the FG will be updated, (FG is a newly created item with 0.00 unit cost), but when i checked the value it is still zero. Is there any routine or utility that I need to run so that the system can calculate the unit cost of the new FG?



Calculating low level code does not calculate the cost for the FG. You need to calculate standard cost. You can do this form Item ā†’ manufacturing ā†’ calc standard cost.

Calculating low level cost does not derive cost, but it is required when running planning worksheet. It derives the level of BOM the item is in. in a production, there could be sub-production,and it could be multiple levels. As such running this batch job will determine the levels of these sub-production.


thanks jordi. i managed to run the calc. standard cost, i checked the Item card and invoicing tab, standard cost is already filled in. but the unit cost is still blank. when i create a new prod. order there is no unit cost and cost amount appearing in the line. please advise, maybe i miss on the set-up. many thanks

Hi Jordan.

Iā€™m Interesting about the Calc. Cost of FG. I tried it in item card. the unit Cost of FG will be calculated if the unit cost of all Raw Material not nol . right ? looks like the calculation stand cost can not calculation from the last direct cost of Raw Material . so I have to update all last direct cost to the unit coast field thenI run the calc standard cost .

other question: if I want to run all FG cost , how can I do that ? cause from item we have to click one by one the item ā€¦ now we have more 3000 item FG . is there other easy ways to calculation unit cost ?

thank you

Alfian .