Unit Cost Updation at Production Order. 5SP1 version

Hello Experts!!

I have a query…

I have a Finish Good Item A which is made Raw Material B using 1 Qty.

I have given the values in Work Centre

At work center Values
Direct unit Cost 12
Overhead Rate 10
Unit Cost Calculation Time
Unit Of Measure Code Minute
Queue Time 1
Queue Time Unit of Measure Minute
At Routing Time unit of measure
Setup Time 2 Minute
Run Time 20 Minute
wait Time 2 Minute
Move Time 1 Minute
Concurrent Capacity 1
Unit Cost 0

LDC of Raw Material 1.09

Then i made a production Order for FG Item Qty 12 as i Update the unit Cost it Gives Me cost 441.09

Now i am Confuse in system Calculation how It is calculating.

according to me 25*12=300

material Cost 12*1.09=13.08

Total is 313.08

Can any one tell me how 441.09 is coming?

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Your formula is wrong. The run time is per unit of production so if run time is 20 then for 12 units = 240.

Thanks for the reply,

So if only run time is need to calculate

the 12 qty into 20 run time = 240

12 qty into 1.09LDC = 13.08

TOTAL 253.08

This figure is also not correct according to system,

can u please elaborate the Scenario.