Transfer data to MS Access 2000

Hi, everybody! I want to transfer data from within a report to a table in a MDB. Starting Access, making it visible and opening the database means no problem using the functions in the Apllication-Class of the AutomationServer. But how can I transfer the Navisiondata to the table which is the only object in the database. I could go ahead using the TryAndError-Method but maybe I get a hint from anybody here. Thanks in advance Peter

You could use ODBC and make the Navision tables into Linked tables in Access. Bill Benefiel Manager of Information Systems Overhead Door Company (317) 842-7444 ext 117

Hi, William! Thanks for your reply. You suggest what I already had in mind but from which I found out that it cannot work in that case. I want to open an existing MDB with only one Table inside, fill this tables with values, save the MDB under a different name, from where it is automatically found and emailed from another application. (DAVID professional / FileScan-Service) Do you have another idea how to achieve this? Thanks Peter

Peter, You may want to try to access your Access database through an Automation Server. Read This : ###### Tarek Demiati Freelance Navision Developer Email : Phone : + 65 - 906 787 16