access 2000 macro - transferdatabase??

Hi! I have the following problem: We want every week give our users a access 2000 database with the most important tables from our navision database (version 2.50). I want to run automatically an access 2000 macro (transferdatabase). Now my problem is that I do not know what I must write into the paraneters of the access macro command transferdatabase. the parameters of transferdatabase are: transfertyp: import databaseformat: microsoft access Datenbasename: ??? objekttyp: table source: table1 (I think it is only the table name) Goal: ??? only structure: No My configurations in the windows navision odbc drivers are: User-DSN: navision Datasource: n Connection: checkbox server is marked! net type: TCP userid: odbc password: xy Sorry for my English! Thanks - Fred

Hi, I’m using same macros, but with local database and options are: ------------------------------ Transfer Type: import Database Type:ODBC Database Database Name: ODBC;DSN=test;CSF=No;Database=D:\Work\REN\bg26.fdb;PPath=D:\Program Files\Navision Financials 2.6d;UID=jem;CN=CONSOL;SERVER=N; Object Type: Source: Company Destination: AccessName Structure Only: No ------------------------------ in DatabaseName property : You should write connection string ODBC uses in Source : The NF table name in Destination: new name for Access table or same name …hope it would be helpful Edited by - jem on 2001 May 28 15:50:55