Importing Data from MS-Access

Hi all, I’m not very familiar with the Automation Server thing as I’m only a Navision programmer :stuck_out_tongue: I would like to perform a data import into Navision from a MS-Access database (abc.mdb). Is there anyway to do so from within Navision? Any help will be appreciated. I’m also not familiar with VBA and stuffs, so if you can provide a sample code I’ll be very very greatful… Thank you.

why don’'t you try ADO in automation. I think it can help you. Last month I also have to imort records from accessdb. try Search in the forum and you will get the code. All the best.

Thanks man, but I was wondering after going through the things about ADO, it seems that this approach that I would need to create an ODBC connection to the Access DB. I’m writing a program for users who are not very IT literate. As such, will it be possible to write using Automation or some sorts that do not rely on creating a ODBC DSN? Thanks.