TmpTaxWorkTrans table


I need to add some custom field in sales line the value for which will be fetched from TmpTaxWorkTrans . Can anyone guide me how to get the value from this table, since it temporary.

You’ll have to provide more details, because temporary tables don’t contain any data by themselves. You can only get data from them in a context of a process that populated a temporary buffer with some data.

Hi the sales line table field needs to populated with the data when we go to Accounts receivable > Orders > All sales orders > [Select sales order] > Sell [Tab on action pane] > Tax [Button group] > GST

This is mapped when complete button is clicked on the form sales order

You need to find out what it does before you can reuse the logic. I don’t seem to have the button in my application, therefore I can’t help you too much.

I assume the button opens a form, therefore your first step is finding the name of this form. Opening it and right-click should do the job.