Regarding Sales Order Posting-AX 2012


I want to transfer a customized field value from sales table to CustTrans table, i tried writing code in SalesFormLetter_invoice class in CreatePayment method, still the value is not getting updated for customized field.

Has anyone done such thing, please share your ideas.

Version : AX 2012


The posting is initiated by \Classes\SalesInvoiceJournalPost\postCustVend

See how the fields are set in \Classes\CustVoucher\newCustVoucherSales from salesTable by using the parm methods.

Use the variable values set by parm methods in \Classes\CustVoucher\initCustVendTrans

You can get more information by adding a break point in \Classes\SalesInvoiceJournalPost\postCustVend and debugging through the call stack

Thanks for the reply Kranthi…Got that solved…just assigned values in InitSalesTable() method in CustVendInvoiceJour and build–>Generate Incremental CIL.