Purchase order Report with indian Taxation details


I am working on purchase order confirmation report where i want all details of tax applied for that order with separate details of all the taxes (for e.g. ed-cess excise ,duty etc) details i saw the table from financial dimensions->sales tax ->but that is called from tmptaxtworktrans table that is an temporary table so how can i use the applied tax fields in my report.

Hai Nakul

Taxtrans_IN was the table,will find all the tax bifurcation.

The above table would contain the posted taxation details only , prior to post data would store in the temporary tables.

Thanx Chaitanya and Lally , but the problem occurs is only first tax is showing on report for e.g if there are 4 taxes avl in my P.O. after previewing its reflecting only the first one from that list for that p.o , i used group for that in table but still the problem is same , i tried using debugger , debugger is the tax applicable but at report level its not working .

Hai Nakul

I have the bifurcation with grouping,its working in my purchase confirmation.

In TaxTrans table u will have the field “taxamount”,Jus7416.paint.pngt do grouping for particular row and column.