Timer function

Hello everyone: I’m curious as to whether Navision 2.5 has a timer function, where a codeunit or processing-only report could be executed at certain intervals. We were thinking that possibly a userid with the proper permissions could be always logged on (or automatically logged on) and excecute code automatically daily, hourly, etc, but haven’t found any documentation on this. If there’s nothing built in, has anyone tried to write a timer routine themselves? Thanks very much for any assistance! Jim

If you have a open form, the form has a OnTimer Trigger, you may call other functions, reports, … The system executes the C/AL code in this trigger once it has executed the OnOpenForm trigger and after the TimerInterval has elapsed. The frequency with which the system executes the OnTimer trigger is determined by the value you have specified for the TimerInterval property. Applies to Forms Comments If the C/AL code you enter into the OnTimer trigger makes large demands on system resources, this will have an adverse effect on the performance of the system. Joerg R Feldhofen KUMATRONIK Business Solutions Houston, TX

I’ve never tried this, but I have noticed that it is possible to run an invisible form. Maybe that would be a good way to create a timer function… ------- Tim Horrigan