The codeunit was called with a Job Queue Entry record. It has no parameters.

HI All,

–Intention is to create sales order and post the same using NAS(Auto posting).

I have added a piece of code to create sales order in codeunit and I am trying to execute via NAS. but it is displaying the error… “The codeunit was called with a Job Queue Entry record. It has no parameters.”

If I do the same in report I am getting error ‘You must specify Starting No. in No. Series Line Series Code=’’,Line No.=‘10000’.’ event though I have defined all the neccessary setups.

Both the process when I run directly, they create orders but when I use NAS above errors occures. Please help if anythings else to know regarding NAS and if any missing setups.

Thanks in advance


Did you check these posts?

By default, the JOBQUEUE sends a Job Queue Entry record into the codeunits that it fires. The Job Queue expects the codeunits to be able to accept a Job Queue Entry record. You will need to debug the process and step through it to discover exactly where the codeunit is called, and make adjustments to your code accordingly. Either you add the parameter to your codeunit, or you figure out a way to make it work without that parameter.