Technet Kabut ....

Hi, Have you guyz tried Axapta technet website off late? [V] The design is appalling and I can’t seem to find info that is relavant to my queries any more. Needless to say, independent consultants and end-users are going to suffer a lot. Hoping against hope to see the old Axapta technet website live again [:(] Harish Mohanbabu

[:(!] Oh well, after 6 years on Technet. I can’t get in any more. Thanks very much Microsoft. Glad I found this site tho, hopefully more people will use this now, if the VARS tell us poor old end users about it.

Here are some other sites you should check

Date: 26-5-2004 Axapta Technet has been restarted because of the feedback we have got from the channel! The reason for restarting Axapta Technet is to re-establish the discussion forums as they were before. There will not be posted any new documents or information on Axapta Technet - new documents will only be posted on PartnerSource from this date. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. Before a new attempt of migrating Axapta Technet, we will ask for feedback from the market. thx MBS !

Esa, what kind of documents are available on PartnerSource (for Axapta)? My company has Axapta, but they are not MS certified partner, or MS certifed business partner. Does anyone know what is needed to become MS certified business partner?

Hi For info on becoming a partner, please visit - Generally speaking in Partnerguide you would find info like (from my memory!) Hot fix details, Service system (support system for partners), etc. Also please note that to become a partner, I think you should have minimum of 2 Axapta certified people covering 5 exams working for you … Please note that I am not sure on the numbers here… Regards Harish Mohanbabu

10x Harish I am looking for a way to get more documentation on some classes, like QueryRun, and I thought that there is some at PartnerSource, but I get the impression (from your message) that there are not any coding related materials there?

Hi It has been quite a long time since my last access to Partnerguide. So I am not really qualified to confirm you anything. That said - can you post your query in user forum? Also did you had a look in Axapta technet forum? Regards Harish Mohanbabu