Where are all the Axapta developers?

This forum is for Axapta developers. So, lets see if we can help each other out a little and open up the Axapta marketplace a little. Do we have any Axapta developers out there reading this? Let yourselves be known so we can put our minds together to help you. I guess someone must have something to add here so lets get the discussion rolling. Has anyone actually had an implementation of Axapta with(out) problems? Does anyone have any ongoing technical problems that, with the changes at ND, they are having difficulty resolving? Keith Grinsted ExpandIT Solutions UK Ltd

As for your first question: the two most active forums are at technet.damgaard.com and in the groups tadorna-axapta and tadorna-xal at groups.yahoo.com, technet being the official one. Mabay there is an will to merge the yahoo groups into NOLUG? I can not answare your second question (Iā€™m not an Axapta developer), although I know of smaller implementations going rather smoothly. orvar

I am a new Axapta Developer having been working on it for the past few months. I have found out that the technet site is more active and has a quicker response time for all questions posted. But, I could use all the help I can get! Caio, Suresh.

Hi People. Im a Navision Developer and Im very keen on learning Axapta i have a very little idea about it are there any sites that I can use as a reference or ar there any books etc which would help me in learning Axapta Thanks Vishal NGP/NCSD

Try ā€œtechnet.navision.comā€ Erling Damsgaard Thy Data Center A/S