MBS Partner Status

I am thinking that one day I would like to become a certified development partner for MBS.
I am curious to those of you who have become partners, especially those of you who work for an end user organisation (Harish :).
What kind of hoops do you have to jump through to become an MBS Partner?
What kind of certifications are available?
Is the cost something that an individual could sustain, or would your business have to pay the bill?

I think I would find great pleasure in writing tools / mods for AX 4 eventually, but without member status any of my work would be considered hazardous.
I know I wouldn’t consider using any 3rd party AX tools on a production system without knowing the author was certified.

What do yall think?



Only organizations can become Microsoft partners. If I remember you need 2 people and 5 certifications to become Navision Partner and 3 people and 8 certifications to become Axapta partner. You will have to pay yearly partner fee.

You also can become so named free-lance consultant but you will have to be associated with a solution center.

Well that’s true for USA, and I know that the Garaux is from Texas, but I will just mention to everyone else that the rules are very different from country to country.

Hi G,

I am not a partner myself nor do I work for a partner. As you said I just work for an Ax end user manufacturing company.