Table ID showing in dialog form before report run

Hello everyone,

I’m recreating a report in D365 that I did in 2012. Everything is working great, the only issue I have is the prompt before running the report has a parameter for table ID. I can leave it at 0 and it runs fine, but I would like to hide it. This doesn’t show up in 2012 and the reason is, my contract class extends TradeDocumentReportContract. In 2012 TradeDocumentReportContract does NOT have a TableID parameter but in D365 it does. Before when I wanted to hide a parameter, I would look in the parameters of the report and hide it there, but it’s not there.

What can I do to hide this parameter?

I figured it out. In the TradeDocumentReportContract, the TableID parameter looks like this

[DataMemberAttribute('TableId'), SysOperationControlVisibilityAttribute(false)]
    public TableId parmTableId(TableId _tableId = tableId)
        tableId = _tableId;
        return tableId;

I went into my Contract class and added the exact same thing except without the SysOperationControlVisibilityAttribute(false)

Then the parameter shows up in my report parameters and from there I can hide it.