SSRS contract parameter display order issue - AX 2012 R3


I have an existing report that has almost 13 parameters. I need plug in a new parameter at the 10th spot and SysOperationDisplayOrderAttribute(‘10’) this is what I put in there and have adjusted all the other parameters display orders accordingly. However, my new parameter always displaying in the last after the 13th parameter.

I have tried the following things:

  1. Compile the entire project and performed increment CIL
  2. Refresh all the caches
  3. Clean usage data
  4. Delete Local/app data from y my user
  5. Restarted AOS

Still have no luck not sure if I am missing anything else. Here is my parameter method code

public NoYesId parmRouteNotes(NoyesId _xxxNotes = xxxNotes)
    xxxNotes = _xxxNotes;

    return xxxNotes;

Am I missing something here?


Never mind there is a UI Builder class and I believe that overrides the SysOperationDisplayOrderAttribute(‘10’) that was written in the Contract class and when I moved my new check box code to the top in the middle of where I wanted it to show up then that worked. just wanted to update.