After adding lookup using UIBuilder class in AX ssrs report, the other parameters are not showing up, help?

Hello, I’ve been following this tutorial in order to add a lookup into an SSRS report created with Data Provider and Contract classes:

I had 4 parameters previously defined in the contract class, but now that I added the lookup, the other 4 parameters are not showing up, if I comment this line in my Contract Class Declaration:


they show up again, but the lookup is empty, can you help me out to display all the parameters defined and the lookup as well? thank you!

I just did it by assigning the proper EDT to the ParmMethod and then only add super() to the build() method in the UIBuilder class, thanks!

Hi Saman,

Even me to got same issue,but here after adding the super in to build method ,Its showing four + four parameters .Can you please help in that.

In my contract class i have from date and to date .after adding the UI builder class now am getting two more inputs like fromdate and todate .



hey saman,

In the dialog am getting two fields extra those fields only am using in UI builder class.