Suggest Payments Routine in 3.60 GB

Hi Forum, I have a question about the above routine. One of my clients is on 3.60 GB and when they run the suggest payments and summarise by vendor it does not include all invoices. The client enters a combination of both Purchase Orders and Purchase Invoice and the occasional Purchase Credit Memo. However, if the value of the Credit Memo exceeds the value of the Purchase Invoices, the payment line is for the value of the Purchase Orders only. For example, if the total value of all Purchase Orders is £500.00 and the total value of all Purchase Invoices is £200.00 and there is a Credit memo for £300.00. The payment line generated is for a value of £500.00, I would expect a payment line of £400.00 but it ignores the Purchase Invoices as the Credit memo value is greater. Is anyone aware of this in 3.60. Thanks… Paul

Closed as found to be user error