Appication Worksheet

Hi All,

One of my customer, Issue a Purchase order ( Item - Raw Material ) Qty 3MT with Unit Cost per $2265.
She did a partial GRN001 With Qty 1.946 , GRN002 with Qty 0.506 Total Qty is 2.452
Then Issue a Purchase Invoice with Qty 2.448 with unit cost per $2265 without doing get receipt lines.
She realize that issue a wrong Purchase invoice, and issue Purchase credit memos.
But the problem is that particular Purchase Credit Memos is applied to another Positive Adjustment

and not to the correct GRN001 and GRN002.
I want to unapply Purchase Credit memo from the positive Adjustment and change to GRN001 and GRN002.

But the GRN001 and GRN002 has been used up in Production Order as consumption.

Any expert out there can help me on this issue? Please Advise.