SubProject and budget in Project management and accounting module


I am working with project hierarchy (parent project and multiple subprojects) and budget in Project module in AX 2012.

The process starts with a quotation, transfered into project forecast and then to a budget at the parent project level.

The issue is that I do not see budget consumption when I record some transactions against the subprojects. I cannot monitor my project budget at the parent level with actual costs at subproject levels. The only solution I found is to set up budget at sublevels also , which is time consuming in our situation. Can anyone help? Is there a particular set up that enable actuals costs at sublevels to be considers at parent level, without budgeting every level?

I have the same issue when a run en estimate calculation at the parent level ( fixed price with pourcentage completed method is used here and the amount of the contract is set up at parent level). As the actual costs are in subprojects, I cannot have an accurate pourcentage of completion for the revenue recognition.

Please advise.

Thank you!