Clarifications needed in Projects Module in Dynamics AX 2009

Hi all,

Am new to this AX project Module. And now am looking into the requirements of a project centric company, I need clarifications on the following:

  1. How do we make a WBS structure in Projects? → For ex: the phases in my project are PM, Design, Purchase, Assembly and Install. Then do I need to define them as activity? or sub-projects?

  2. How do budget allocation can be done to a project on the whole and individually Phase wise too? I think if we define the phase as an activity, we cannot define budget for tht activity. Also i assume budgeting for a project is done through project quotation details.Also budgeting in Project is wrt Item, Hour and expenses. Is there any provision where direct amount can be eneterd in the projects and its respective phases? Whats the difference between functionalities of Estimate project details and Project quotation details?

  3. If I create Item requirements from a project, then when I create a PR as this PR is associated with the same project, it is not allowing to select the items from the item requirements form and instead it is showing Item master table to select the required item. The same is happening with Purchase order also. Will there be any other way where I can select the items in PR from the item requirements instead of Item master table?

Please clarify me if you know any of these. Currently i dont have documents to refer also. And hence am posting here.

Also please refer any document where I can get clear understanding of projects module apart from the Training materials.

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  1. Both are an option to define a WBS.

  2. You could use on account forecasts for creating a direct amount forecast. If you would like to have forecasts per phase, I would work with subprojects and set a forecast for subproject 1 (f.e. design), another forecast for subproject 2 (f.e. assembly). This way you can easily follow up actuals vs forecasts on phase level, and by running the project control screens on the parent project, you have your actuals vs forecast for the project as a whole.

  3. For purchase orders, use the function>create purchase order on the item requirements form: that way you are creating a purchase order marked on the item requirement and hence linked directly to your item requirement.

Hi Patrik!!! Thanks for the clarification…this is more helpful…