Budget control check in Projects

Hi all, I need clarification on the following: 1. In project module, have given Hours, Expenses and Item budget in forecasting. Now when am posting the actuals, system is throwing the following error “There are no more budget left on forecast model Revised for the cost.” based on the quantity excess but not on amount excess. Example: Item A budget is 2 Qty and 55 CP. When the PO is created for Item A of qty 3 and CP is 10, system is throwing the above error. If I changed the qty to 2 and CP as 56, the system is not throwing the error. My question is the budget should be based on Qty x CP but not based on Qty itself for Item A. It is same for Hours and Expenses as well. 2. For the above, am using the forecast models Original and Revised with the same setup. Do cost control methods have to do anything with respect to the budget control part? 3. Am using Cost template as AutoAmount. But this budget is behaving as if it is AutoUnit. Is there any relation of cost template with budget check? Please inform me if am not clear on this questions. I really need help from the people whi have experience in Project Accounting module. Regards, Pawan I have posted so many queries regarding project accounting. But I got very minimal resposnes

Dear My friend,

I am facing the same problem have you found the solution,

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