Subcontracting in AX 2009


I am trying to make a fininshed goods through subcontracting.

(1) I made a sales order and followed the path - Sales order-> Inquiries->Explosion->Update & got a planned order made.

Then used Master planning to convert this Planned Production order to Production order. At the same time I got Planned purchase order made. Converted it to Purchase order.

I was expecting that at the same time I shall get a Purchase order in the name of the subcontracting vendor which I had mentioned on the Item card. I have made BOM & Route line types “Vendor”. Could not understand what was going wrong.

(2) Afterwards I carried out the same process but used ‘Subcontracting work details form’ when I changed the status of Production order to Start & then to Report as Finished. Finally chaged the status to End. To my surprise I did not get a prompt from the system saying Quality Order is made. I checked for Quality order in the Inventory Management module but it was not made.The Production order Ended without Quality check.

Please help.

  1. The purchase order will not be created if you define the route line type as vendor, you should have service item attached in that BOM, define a service item and give the operation number to that.

  2. Have you done required setups for that?

Hi Kranthi,

I am working as per the information given in the PDFs of Microsoft training manual & have specified settings as given there. Will you please elaborate what set up you are referring to?

I have given route line type as Vendor.Now I shall attach service item & check.

Thanks for your reply.

Sure I replied to this.

Anyway if you are getting a purchase order but with the wrong vendor then the vendor work centre is not set with the correct vendor.

With regards to quality what have you set up here - you should not “expect” it to work, it needs to be configured.

Hi Kranthi,

I worked as per your solution in step 1. It worked.

Thanks a lot.