Route Type Vendor

Good day!

I have an operation that needs to be done by a vendor. Hence, I set my route type and work center group to Vendor with the Vendor code. When running master planning, I’m expecting to have a Purchase Order for the subcon job. However, no automatic PO was created.

Do I miss something from my set-up?

Thanks for your help.

Have you added the service item to the BOM and attached the operation to it? So that the PO will created to service item.

If setup correctly it will auocreate a referenced purchase order when the production order advances beyond planned/created

Thanks for the help.

I created a BOM Line for that service item. But still no Purchase order when running Master planning.

I don’t think you will have planned order for the service item in this case.As Adam said, It will be referenced from production, means it will automatically create a purchase order when the planned production order is firmed and related production order is estimated/ started.

The purchase order is planned (in essence) by the setup. The planned production order is just that, it is planned. You could create a disconnect between the planned production order for the parent and an actual purchase order for the service that will actually never be called because the planned production order is never firmed. You need to start production to see the service.

Thanks Kranthi and Adam for the help.

Hello - I need to calculate the estimated external production cost - using your method by including a service item in the BOM.
I assign a route to the BOM I want to place by the vendor and calculate external cost by multiplying runtrime with cost (20 hrs * 1000,-).
This works fine and the estimated cost is listed in the BOM calculation when I calculate BOM+route.

The PO is issued when I start the production as you described.
But - the problem arises when I post the invoice from the vendor - this gives double estimated cost, since the cost already is estimeted by the route.

Do you have any suggestions to this problem?

Rgds Jacob