Sub Form tab Order

I’m working with the Contact Dashboard form 71000 and when I click on the Sub-Form 71001 it always goes to the To-Do tab instead of the Interaction tab which is first on the sub-form.

We don’t even use To-Do’s but it goes right to it automatically and I can’t seem to find why? I’ve checked the properties and code on both the form and sub-form but can’t find anything.

I’m just curious to find out why it does this. Thanks in advance,



If you are using subforms on the tabs, do not forget to set DelayedInsert on the subforms, else the focus will be each time on the subform…

Thanks Harry,


There is one property in the form “SaveControlInfo” as explained in the Help:

“The control information includes which control was active when the user last closed the form as well as the row and column which were active at that time. If you choose to save this information, it will be used to place focus in the correct position the next time the form is opened”

Is this what you mean ? if yes you have to change it to No.


I changed to No M.Ali but it had no effect. The subform still opens on To-Do tab.

Thanks for trying,


Hi Greg,

Check the subform for code to activate a control or if the ActiveControlOnOpen property is set to a control on the To-Do Tab

Open the subform on design mode. Click on the Interaction tab and save the form. Now run the Contact Dashboard, and the subform will be on the interaction tab.