Active Tab on Open

I am having a few problems with defining what tab to display when a form opens. I have tried setting the ActiveControlOnOpen property of the Form to a control on that tab, or using CurrForm.Control1.ACTIVATE in the OnOpenForm trigger. Neither of these seem to be working. Are there other properties I need to set? or another way to do this? There is a bit of other code in the form to do with making other fields visible or not- Would this affect it? Thanks, Nikolai L’Estrange Developer Ernst & Young New Zealand

Hey Nikolai, i’ve tried to set the “ActiveControlOnOpen”-Property with the control-ID i want to see when the forms is called. There was no problem. I always was offered the tab i specified. Perhaps this is not possible with some navision-versions ? We are using DE2.50. Stefan Weinreich Billing Analyst

It could be possible that if you have a subform on one of the tabs and the subform is “waiting” to insert a new record, I have seen Navision focus on that and disregard the ActiveControlOnOpen. Bill Benefiel Manager of Information Systems Overhead Door Company (317) 842-7444 ext 117

As William stated, this is probably caused by a subform that is waiting to insert a record. Try to set the DelayedInsert property on the subform to Yes, that should solve the problem.

Thanks a lot! That last suggestion worked great. I would never have looked there. Does anyone have any other links, tip or tricks for making form control more dynamic? e.g. setting the flow of active controls, depending on where you come from at run-time; or creating variables that flow from form-to-form Thanks, Nikolai L’Estrange Developer Ernst & Young New Zealand