Active control on Subform

Hi all [:)] I have made a form with several subforms. This forms is activated from a menubutton on Sales orders and opens with RunFormLink on the customer. My problem is that I cant use enter on the subfoms and I have to use the arrows to get to the next field. The subforms works perfectly by themselves. I have tried to set the ActiveControlonOpen property and next control on the subforms, but it does not help. Do you have any idea about how to solve this?

You have to put the controlid of the subform in the property ActiveControlonOpen of the main form. Perhaps you used the ActiveControlonOpen property on the subform?

Hi Tino:) I did that. First i set the activecontrolOnOpen on the main form, then nextcontrol on the subform and then activecontrol on open on the form which opens in the subform…

Ok. I think you don’t need the nextcontrol on the subform. You set the activecontrolOnOpen on the main form to the id of the subform. Next you probably have to set the activecontrolOnOpen on the “form which opens in the subform”.

Nope, no changes… My guess is that i have to know which subform is active and not and then set the control active. But I don’t know how to… Thanks anyway [:)]

Strange. What’s the setup of your forms and subforms? We have a form which contains two subforms and when I try to set ActiveControlOnOpen, it works. Do you always want to activate the same subform? Or has it got to depend on something?

Is there a button on the form with “default” property = ‘Yes’ This overrides using Enter

Its a tabular form vith 4 tabs and one subform on each. I activate the first tab and the subform on it. No button default properties on the form is set to ‘yes’… if i understand you correctly, Marq.

Maybe you accidently use the wrong ID… If you are in design-mode on the main-form, click the subform you want to activate on open form. Go to the properties and check the ID. This is the ID you have to place in the property ActiveControlonOpen on the main-form. By the way; Don’t you mean card-type form with 4 tabs?

Hehe, Mark… There were a button set to yes… Didn’t understand what you ment. And Tino, yes I ment card-type form with 4 tabs [;)] Thank you for your help! Regards,

Yep, I meant the propery “Default”, not the default properties[:D] Funny thing Navision has a property called “Default”[8D]

Haha… very funny Mark [:P] You need to polish your explanation skills! [:D] …and I guess I need to search some more before I post a respond [:I]