Stock Transfer in Ax 2012/2009

Hi Friends,

What is Stock Transfer in Ax 2012/2009. when we used this.

pls explain with some example.



Stock transfer, as the name suggested, is used to transfer the stock from one inventory dimension (site , warehouse, batch number etc.) to another, e.g. you want to issue some item from one warehouse but the stock is not available in that warehouse but available in another one, you can use the transfer journal, to transfer the stock from one to another.

if you will see the journal form, there you have to select the item, quantity to transfer and on the inventory dimension tab select from and to.

Stock transfer is the Indian localization feature which is similar to transfer order. Imran’s explanation is good on Transfer order and it is also applicable to stock transfers.

The difference between both is- Using the “stock transfer” gives you the provision to mention the cost prices when transferring from one warehouse to other warehouse to suit Indian requirements. Also gives the provision to enter Financial dimensions.

Vouchers will be generated accordingly with the cost prices and financial dimensions.