AX2009 - Transfer Inventory

Hi Allstar,

I’m working with Oil & Gas company. Now, I’m trying to transfer item (oil A: MYR100/unit) from warehouse A to warehouse B. Due to warehouse B is only store different item (oil B: MYR200/unit), so after transfer, we want the (oil A) become (oil B).

Is it possible to do in AX 2009? Please help me…

Hi Aiman, you can not achieve what you want with a transfer journal, as they are intended to be used to move an item from one place to another, without changing the product itself.

I can think in two options:
a) Use movement journals. You will have to do two transaction, one to dicrease the inventory of oil A in warehouse A, and the other to increase the inventory of oil B in warehouse B. Of course human errors posibilities are increased when entering quantities, Price, etc…

b) Use a simple production order in warehouse B, with the bill of materials created in order that to obtain 1 unit of oil B you will consume 1 unit of oil A. So you transfer oil A from warehouse A to B, and in warehouse B you use an order to consume item A and when you report as finished the order it will become oil B with the apropiate cost transfer from one to another.