Std Cost on Navision

Hi, I am trying to understand how the Standard costs are posted to Navision. This is tested on 3.6 with Std Cost. Item A Standard cost= 11.22 Last Direct Cost =9.84 I purchased 6 of them at 9.84 and returned them later. This Qty 6 were broken into two separate purchase lines: one qty =5 and another Qty=1. The Credit Memo entries are like these: G/L Amount Inventory -56.1 Purchase/Direct cost 56.1 Inventory -11.22 Purchase/Direct cost 11.22 Purchase Account -59.04 AP 59.04 Inventory 6.9 Purchase/Direct cost -6.9 Inventory -6.9 Purchase/Direct cost 6.9 Inventory 1.38 Purchase/Direct cost -1.38 Inventory -1.38 Purchase/Direct cost 1.38 6.9=1.38*5 I don’t understand why there are so many in and out for Inventory and Purchase/Direct cost. I understand that the net effect is 0 but why there are so many in and out entries here? Thanks advance!

Hi trin What you should end up with is your standard cost in your inventory account, with the balance of the variance in the variance account from teh inventory posting group. I will assume you have no overhead rates or indirect percentages on the item and do the simpler following. Item A has a standard cost of 10.00. I purchase 1 at 9.00. This will post 9.00 to inventory and 9.00 to direct cost applied. It will also post 1.00 to inventory to ensure the cost is correct, and 1.00 to the purchase variance material account. Other entries then go to purchases, VAT, discount creditors etc as required. I did this in one simple go. Did you break up your receipt and invoice? Do you use expected cost posting? With the credit memo do you use exact cost reversing? All of these and how you then process will affect how the accounts are hit. To start with do you split out the interim and variance accounts from the inventory to get a clear trail.

Hi, I got the ansewer. These issues were fixed on Improvement 30 for 3.6. Thanks