Average Cost

Dear all, I had a problem in Navision. The problem that I face as follow : I created a PO and I didn’t input any value in Unit Direct Cost’s field on the Purchase Line ( cause I didn’t know the purchase price of the item that I buy at that moment ) And then I posted receipt that PO with full quantity. After a few days, another user ( In the Accounting Dept ) posted Invoice for that PO ( with zero amount of the Unit Direct Cost’s field – that’s would be impacted the zero amount for the Average Cost too ) After the Item shown its availability in the System, the Sales Dept created some SO and did the posting ( both of posting Shipment and posting Invoice for that SO ) That’s mean all the quantity that I bought in the past ( with zero purchase price ), had already been sold ( the quantity of the item was zero in the Item Card ) And cause of that, the margin of that sales should be highest ( cause the COGS of my items were zero and the sales price didn’t subtract any amount of the COGS ) I would like to ask all of you, do you know how to correct that mistaken average cost ? Thanks for your kindly help Regards, Grace Vin

i think you can use revaluation journals

revaluate your stocks for the whole period and system will re-calculate the avg cost . I have sorted this problem at one of my sites , this is the same issue I faced. Regds

I think that since it is ust one line, that using a charge item may be better, especially since it will give you a better audit trail to follow. Create a new purhcase order, and a value charge forthe missing amount. This way you print out a new PI, that you keep with your records.

I had try your advise to do the revaluation journal for that item But seem that can’t be work (error message would be appear when I put the Unit Cost (Recalculated)'s field and then press the Enter key. Would you tell me step by step to do the revaluate that you suggest to me last time please ? Thanks for your kindly attention Regards, Grace Vin