Some upgrade DAX 2012 R3 questions


  1. How to refactor code with Item Name field ? for example

query.datasourceTable(tableNum(inventTable)).addSelectionField(fieldNum(InventTable, itemName));

or InventTable.itemName = “asdfasdfas”;

i cant find examples in white paper, too hard for me

  1. What form in Ax 2012 is equivalent to InventTable form ?

  2. Is there a list with old dax 2009 reports renamed to dax 2012 ssrs reports ? i want to find equivalent reports, i saw a list somewhere but cant find it now

  1. Use a method instead, InventTable.itemName(). If you need to assign a value, look into the method to understand where the name can be defined.
  2. You’re probably looking for EcoResProductDetailsExtended

You always start in UI and when you find the right form or report in menu, a field in form etc., look at their AOT names.

Yes i know itemName method but it takes time to find out how to assign it, i did it few times but 2 years ago and already forgot :slight_smile: so tought maybe somebody has it in knowledge base or so… Im looking for a main form which should be modified if InventTable is heaviliy modified :slight_smile: ok, ill check the EcoRes form tommorow

If you followed my advice and looked inside itemName(), you would find that the name is taken from EcoResProductTranslation.Name or EcoResProduct.DisplayProductNumber (plus dimensions).

You seem to thing that there is a single form for “items”. The data model has changed a lot - please make sure you learn about products, product masters, released products etc. in AX 2012 before trying to upgrade your code. You have to make decisions about where to put your old modifications and whether they make sense in AX 2012 at all.