Show ItemName in InventValue Report AX 2012

i have small question, i want to add new field (item name) in invent value report, for this i do following customization

1 . add new field with name ItemName in InventValueReportTmpLine table .

  1. also reference it in InventValueReportDP class in method getInventValueReportTmpLine. i.e

str ItemName;

also note that in this method there is macro used.



insert_recordset inventValueReportTmpLineTmp


select #GroupByFields. . .

then after it also it reference it in InventValueReportPopulateItem method findReportLine

tmpReportLine.ItemName =_inventTable.itemName();


but data are not fetching in newly created field,

please guide me.


Please stop creating more and more threads about the same thing.

I’m locking this thread; continue in your other thread Adding new field in inventory value Report - you already have a suggested answer there. You also got a reply in your thread in the Community forum.