AX2012 Q

  1. I have uploaded following tables.
    EcoResProduct,EcoResProductTranslation,InventTable,InventItemGroupItem,InventmodelGroupItem,InventTableModule,InventItemLocation,EcoResStorageDimensionGroupItem, EcoResTrackingDimensionGroupItem

Now I can see the items in the All items as well as in released items.
But when I try create a purchase order I can not see the items in the drop down of purchase orderline.
same thing os obseved in the formula lines.

2.When I try to approve the formula by selecting a employee I get following error:
“employee is not a registration worker or is not active”
I dont find any option to active the employee in the HR module>Employee

Can some body please help me?

How did you populate those tables? There are different ways to do this:

  1. Using services, use EcoResProductService and InventItemService

  2. Through X++ using Ax classes and/or ReleaseManager classes

If you have populated those tables by directly inserting into the tables then you might have inconsistencies.;


Not sure how you populated the items. You can see good examples of creating items in DAX 2012 here - -

Have a look there to see what you are missing.

Thanks for reply,

I tried excel-addin & whenever it did not work I used def group to upload CSV file…but this way is not so friendly…

The methods suggested by you are easier one ???

How can I get more information about these methods??


If you are a partner, I would suggest you check with your contacts regarding the import tool which currently is in pre-alpha version. And see whether that is of any help to you because there are some code snippets available in this tool.

The solution for the issue of not able to view the uploaded items in the PO line drop down is

Upload the table “InventItemSetupsupplyType” for those items