Single check printing for Multiple Lines in PaymentJournal.AX 4.0

HI All

AP->Journals->Payments->Payment Journals

In this scenario i need to print the multiple lines in a single check. But when i can see the check number in the check Number field for the single transaction.

But my question is i need to select the multiple lines Ex(1.Vendor,2.Ledger,3.Bank)…(Below Screen shot)
Here the voucher No for all the lines are same, Mode of payment is Check. The bank which i am selecting is common for all.

Here as like as the Single transaction printing the check number , like wise I need to print the check number for the multiple lines also.

SO any one can provide me the solution for Multiple lines printing of check in payment journal… ( In standard Ax 4.0/5.0 i can’t able to find this functionality).