Single Payment for Multiple Voucher in AX 2012

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Please Help,!!

How to create a single cheque payment for Multiple Journal Lines having same voucher Number in AP–>payment Journal.

Is it possible to make payments like that?? if yes, how?

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Same cheque number for multiple journal lines will not be possible. As an alternative, you can select the related invoices against a single journal line using the “Settlement” functionality so that it create a single journal line and you can generate payment for that which will result in single cheque number.


Vishal Kohli

What is your Payment method type ?

Did you try to use the payment proposal functionality for the same to achieve what do you want ?


Thanks for the reply Vishal and Lally,

@Vishal : Actually I’m not paying against any invoice journal, so I could not use settlement function.

@lally: We need invoice journals to use the payment proposal functionality or just we can use the payment journal lines to use this???

or any other Idea guys??

Thanks in Advance