Sales Tax Rounding Problem on Sales Invoices

Attain 3.10 B - Native DB. [B)] I have been trying to find out why some of our Sales Invoices are generating zero amounts because the Tax amount is debiting the entire invoice amount from the sale. The entire amount or a large portion of it is being subtracted from the amount of the invoice resulting in a zero or very small invoice amount. It shows up in the Sales tax rounding account with huge numbers and is easy to identify the document. I have checked the tax liable structure, tax area, tax jurisdiction, tax group and have came across no consistent pattern for it happening. It only occurs on certain invoices to the customer and not others. The only thing that seems to show any type of pattern is it appears to always be the very last invoice for a particular order (assuming there are mutliples, it does occur on single invoices also). I know about the Sales tax rounding problem in Attain and it was supposed to be fixed by our solution center. I have had to fix an error in this code that was relating to VAT and Sales Tax but that was double posting G/L entries (consistency error on the G/L) and that is not happening in these cases. This problem has been around since we converted to Attain and in the US only (Our Mexico company is fine.) It occurs on domestic or international accounts. It occurs whether the system generates the tax based on the sales tax amount line or tax amount line tables. I have tried copying the problem documents into new orders and reposting, but the reproduced invoices are correct. I cannot find anyway to reproduce the problem and neither did our solution center so they cannot fix it. It very will may be in the setup for the tax area, jurisdiction, or group code but its not consistent. [?] Has anyone else had this problem or something similar? [8)] Owen Mc Donald

Hi Owen Have a look at the penultimate posting on this posting: unsure if this helps or not. [:D]

Hi Steven. Thanks. The discount information may be applicable although I know that noone is using negative line amounts but it could be related. The inconsistency problem, I fixed already because we are about to bring our UK office online. Owen