A Strange problem in Sales Invoice

Dear All,

I am facing one strange problem in sales invoice.

In unit price column when I am entering 150 its working perfectly, but when I am changing it to 150.50, an error message is coming " Vat Posting Setup does not exists"

Whats the Problem ???

Dear Prakash, Could you be more specific please? What version of NAV are you using? Does it happen and when your unit price is either 151 or 149? Does it happen to invoices for all of your customers or just one? Do you have any additional code besides NAV standard code to your form or relevant table?

Yes I have to agree with JohnieG.

It sounds like there might be some code behind the validation trigger of the Unit Price field.

But without having more information, we can only guess.

  1. Version : 4.0 SP3

2.it Happens when I am using decimals unit price e.g. 150.50 not on 150

3.It happens for all the customers

4. There is no additional code on form

Maybe it’s because the 150 mark is where tax kicks in? Check your tax setup to see where the limits are. Have you also tried entering 10 and 10.50?

How is VAT setup in the GL, and do you adjust VAT for payment discount? Sounds like a rounding issue triggering the message but it could easily be a limit as Daniel suggests, or a localisation to the VAT.