Run custom Word report & request page, and save output to Docx, not send to printer

Hello. I have a fairly simple custom report that I’ve created in AL Code. The report works, and prints/previews correctly.

But I want to save the output to a .docx files not print it. I don’t want users to have to click on Send To on the request page, although that it my fallback option if this isn’t possible. Ideally I don’t want the option to Print, Preview or Send To, but download report as a .docx.

I was hoping to make use of something along the lines of this, and it works (it downloads a docx with the right filename and the report layout) but it doesn’t run the report request page to choose the options so it always defaults to the ‘first’ job.

ReportParameters := Report.RunRequestPage(50103);
Report.SaveAs(50103, ReportParameters, ReportFormat::Word, OStream);
FileManagement.BLOBExport(TempBlob, Format(Job."No.") + '_' + 'Report' + '_' + Format(CURRENTDATETIME, 0, '<Day,2><Month,2><Year4>') + '.docx', true);

Any ideas? My current report is (with some details removed for brevity):

report 50103 "Customer Report"
    Caption = 'Customer Report';
    UsageCategory = Documents;
    ApplicationArea = All;
    DefaultRenderingLayout = CustomerReport;
    Description = 'Produces a customer job card';
    PreviewMode = PrintLayout;

        dataitem(Job; Job)
            RequestFilterFields = "No.";
            column(No_; "No.")
            { }
            Type = Word;
            LayoutFile = 'CustomerReport.docx';

My action (on the Job card) is currently thus:

trigger OnAction()
                    Job: Record Job;
                    CustomerReport: Report "Customer Report";
                    Job.SetFilter("No.", Rec."No.");

We are running Business Central 22.2 SaaS (online/cloud).
I look forward to any advice and assistance…