Print options like print to PDF from RequestPage do nothing

Hey all,

I’ve got a custom report when the request page pops up I click Print nothing happens. no print box dialog no preview. The request page closes.

I’m also unable to print to PDF or Print to Word on the same request page.

I click PDF and my PDF reader never opens. I click Print to word and I do not get any prompts about opening a word doc.

Nothing happens.

Other areas of the application do allow me to print to word, print and print to PDF so I think it’s related to this specific requestPage.

How does one troubleshoot the print button on a request page?

I don’t see if listed under page actions or on the report request page itself or the report c\al.

In a nutshell: the circled buttons below on the screenshot do nothing. they close the request page but generate no report.


Thanks for any insight.

First check if there are any valid transactions that should show on the report, in other words whatever filter you are using on the report, take the same filters to the table level and filter the table and see if there are any records matching your filter condition, sometimes if there are no matching records no action happens, also recompile your object.

Thank you sbhatbng! I’ll look into that now to see if any records are showing up on the SQL side. I didn’t realize it would just do nothing if there were no records. We’ll see what I can find out. object recompile is a good idea too. thanks.

you’re the hero of the day. thank you. I was looking at so many technical bits and didn’t even think to check if records were being pulled in.

Turns out the filter was leading to situations where no dataset was generated.

Using proper samples for testing now has everything working.