RTC Report

I am Printing RTC Report. In Print Preview it shows good in all parts. But Print on a page nothing to show header part, showing only body part. I used textbox in body section for showing the header controls.

The report viewer renders the data differently depending on whether it prints or previews. Preview is optimised for an on-screen user experience, and interactive features like interactive sorting, document map, hyperlinks etc are available. Print is optimised to fit the report to a piece of paper.

The two renderings render ReportItems! in different ways. In preview we use “soft pagebreak” while in print we use “Hard pagebreak”. With hard pagebreak, ReportItems! will only have a value if the field that it refers to is on the current page. While with soft pagebreak, it doesn’t matter so much where in the report a field is.

Another different behavior has to do with how we hide the field in the body. This behavior is not very logical, and it may change in future versions. But we found that for the current versions of RDL and report viewer, there is one small but important thing to be aware of when hiding the field in the Body:

If you hide the whole column or the whole row where a field is, then this field will not be visible via ReportItems! in Print. It will still show in preview. To avoid this, do not hide whole table rows or columns, but make sure to hide only individual field(s).

Hello Amol,

Thinks for Reply. I was hiding the total row that’s why it not printing properly.

If it resolve your problem then verify the solution so it will help others…