RTC Report Header?

Hi experts,

I have an issue with a report in RTC.

When the data in the report is limited to 1 page everything goes fine but when the data in the report exceed one page, the page header dosen’t get printed in the next page.

Is there any way to resolve the same.

Thanks in advance.

saurav dhyani

if it is a table header in body section of the layout, set repeat header rows on each page to yes…

No its not the table header its page header.

Did you try print on last page?

Yes i tried that too.

Can you show the report layout?

My experience is that in order for the header/footer information to print on the second page, you must place the referenced fields (of the header/footer) in a detail section that prints on the second page. If that detail (that references the header/footer) doesn’t print on the second page, then the heade/footer doesn’t print on the second page.

Please correct me if I’m wrong.